State Treasury System

STATE TREASURY SYSTEM is based on an “in-house banking” principle for governmental institutions and is responsible for managing and supervising the spending process of the state budget. The system covers the functionality necessary for dealing with money transactions between governmental institutions within the system and external institutions through commercial banks.


Users' groups and authorization levels. Secure access to specific activities and functionalities.


The system environment is designed with full consideration given to intuitive navigation.


Integration into external systems like central bank, state budget, financial accounting and other.

Business processes

The State Treasury manages the internal and external users of governmental organizations, their accounts and system attributes. Organizations manage their own users.

  • Payments, direct debit payments, and short-term payments
    • Payments within the limits of received payments or the state budget
    • The system handles also patch files of payments
  • Money reservation / booking
    • Organizations book the amount of money for payments
  • Administration
    • Management of organizations, users, virtual accounts and classificators
  • Reporting
    • Overview of different activities and statuses in the system
    • Multi-currency support
  • Stock exchange monitoring and transactions
  • Loans and credit cards
    • Organizations can receive loans and pay them off with interest


Technological background

Platform: Oracle, Java

Performance indicators:

  • Transactions/h: 100 000
  • Concurrent users: 1 000


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