mBanking System

mBANK creates a respectful image of your bank in the eyes of your clients. Therefore, it is essential that the environment of mobile banking is convenient and simple to use for your clients. It serves as a front-line communication tool which, if implemented professionally, will reduce the amount of manual labor as well as help you to provide flexibility and fast services to your customers.


We have splited our mBanking solution into 3 modules.

  • Basic (public information, not requiring client authentication)
  • Branches and ATM-s
  • Currency list and rates
  • Currency calculator
  • Savings calculator
  • Contact (including A special part of this module is the Report a missing card feature)
  • News
  • Banners
  • mBanking (includes also Basic functionality)
  • Accounts and transactions
    For each account the user can view:
  • Chart displaying account movement
  • Transactions for that particular account
  • Basic account information - account number, IBAN, authorized users, overdraft limit, etc..)
    • Payments
      With this module, the user can create new payment orders, view payments, edit payment orders, delete payment orders, copy payment orders to new payment order or create a template from an existing payment order and similar actions.
    • Savings
      This module enables a user to view all of his savings accounts, as well as create new savings or cancel existing ones.
    • Loans
      View status of all loans and miscellaneous information related to a loan: amount, annuity, payment plan, interest rates etc.
    • Exhange office
      Exchange office is a module that takes care of buying, selling and converting foreign currencies using all of the users available current or giro accounts.
    • Templates
      Payment orders or internal payments can be stored for future use using the Templates module. If you do a lot of similar payments, this module can eliminate repetitive work.
    • Messages
      The Messages module can be used as a simple communication tool between a bank and a client

  •  mBanking+ (Includes also Basic and mBanking funcionality)
    • GSM vouchers
      View and buy GSM vouchers. Directly input the GSM vouher to your prepaid account (no need to type over the voucher activation code).
    • Funds
      The Funds module takes care of supporting investment and pension funds.
    • Credit cards
      This module enables the user to view credit card information, transaction per card information and general information for each card the user has.
    • Standing orders
    • Services
      All additional services that the bank offers to clients can be activated or deactivated directly from the mobile phone.
  • SmartPush (free of charge)
    SmartPush is a product that adds the possibility of more interaction between the bank and the users.
    System is able to push:
    • Accounts and transactions
      a notification when the user receives a payment
    • Messages
      a notification when the user gets a new message from the bank, for instance that they need to pickup their new credit card
    • News
      a notification when the bank publishes a new news article
    • Promotional messages
      users can receive information about ongoing promotions

  • SmartStats (free of charge)

SmartStats is a component of the SmartBanking system that offers complete analysis related to the way users use SmartBanking on their mobile phone.
Data acquired from SmartStats can be used for making business decisions.

SmartStats offers the bank information like

  • download counts per platform
  • usage trends
  • what modules are mos used
  • which actions users perform the most
  • technical details about the usage patterns
  • what mobile devices users use to access mobile Nanking

  • Additional features
  • Update system
    SmartBanking products have an integrated update management system.
    This functionality includes:
  • Mandatory update - if want to force all the users to update to a newer application version
  • Informational update - The user can choose by himself if he wants to perform an update
  • Update segmentation - particular parts of the application can be mandatory, while others don’t need to be (i.e. a mandatory update for mobile banking, but non-mandatory for the basic part)
  • Manual update - The user can initialize an update process from the application manually

Remote configuration
Particular parameters of the SmartBanking applications can be configured from a remote location, which means that for changing some of the data (phone numbers, email addresses, refresh intervals) it is not necessary to publish a new release.

The visual style of a SmartBanking application can be completely personalized to fit the needs of your brand.
Demo mode

To achieve higher conversion rates, potential mobile banking customers can first try the mobile banking segment out by using the built in and convenient DEMO functionality.

All SmartBanking products support automatic localization and internationalization as well as manually changing the language via the Settings screen.

To recquire more information or see the demo, contact:
Sales, e-mail: sales@mindware.eetel +372 6850 177