Leasing and Microfinancing System

LEASING AND MICROFINANCING SYSTEM software helps to automate and simplify the core processes of a financial institution, the services of which include microcredits, loans or leasing. MIND-xQ banking information system supports all business activities in the field, while at the same time offering high-level flexibility and customization to satisfy the most sophisticated business needs.


System environment is designed with full consideration given to intuitive navigation.


Users are organized into groups and authorization levels. User access rights can be defined per functionality and actions.


Open architecture provides easy intergration with other internal or external systems.


Key functionality

  • Automated processes
    • Customer management
    • Contract management
    • Credit decisioning
    • Debt monitoring
    • Payments management
    • Reporting
  • Integration with external parties
    • Sales channels
    • Vendors and partners
    • Insurance companies
  • Centralization
    • Multiple currency support
    • Multiple language support
    • Multiple institutions support

Technical platforms

Oracle, Java, GWT.


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