E-banking System

Estonia is a country where 99% of banking transactions are made an internet and other electronic channels.

INTERNET BANK creates a respectful image of your bank in the eyes of your customers. Therefore, it is essential that the environment of internet banking is convenient and simple to use for your clients. It serves as a front-line communication tool which, if implemented professionally, will reduce the amount of manual labor as well as help you to provide flexibility and fast services to your customers.

  • Built-in knowledge of business processes
  • Customization of the software to meet the needs of your business
  • Easy access to banking services everywhere
  • Reduced cash management
  • Keeps money in the bank
  • Easy and customer-friendly online processing for end users
  • Communication channel between the bank and the customer


Innovative design and intuitive usability. Clients can easily access their services and contracts, have an overview of electronic banking history, make payments and apply for new agreements in their office or at home.


  • Domestic and cross-border payments.
  • Deposits management.
  • Account and contract management.
  • Loans and leasing applications.
  • Account statements.



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