Core Banking System

MINDWARE'S CORE BANKING SYSTEM satisfies every need of a small and medium-sized bank. The system runs on modular basis to support individual lines of business. It is suitable for starting or expanding a financial businesses.

Advantages of MIND-xQ core banking system


Integration into external systems and interfaces such as card-payment networks, central banks and authorization systems (mobile-ID).


Customization for every bank in the system. Multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-institutional support.


Integration into business process management and supporting workflow systems such as dynamic reporting and risk management.

MIND-xQ core banking system covers the entire range of banking activities:

  • Customer and account management.
  • Payments:
    • Internal, domestic and cross-border payments;
    • Urgent payments;
    • Direct debit payments.
  • Cash and treasury management.
  • Accounting and reporting:
    • Balance sheet, profit and loss statement;
    • Real time open currency positions;
    • Liquidity and cash flow;
    • Interest and maturity gap reports.
  • Product definition.
  • Price list management.
  • Overdraft management.


Technical platform:

Oracle, Java, GWT.

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