Clearing and Settlement System

THE CLEARING AND SETTLEMENT SYSTEM (DNS) for central banks has been developed to handle the clearing and settlement of domestic interbank money transactions.

A user-friendly GUI is accessing application data through application server hence making the system fast. Our running implementation at the Bank of Estonia is one of the fastest clearing systems in Europe.

The system supports both urgent and normal payments, as well as cross-border payments The payments can be received from different types of clients - commercial banks, state banks, depositories, etc. A user-friendly graphical user interface accesses applkication data through application server, hence making the system fast.


Business process

  • Obligations between members are set off against each other.
  • Each transaction is settled individually.
  • The application server component places payment orders initially in a queue and processes them later at the value date of a payment order.

System performance

  • Transfers to accounts in other banks are performed 10 times during a settlement day.
  • The system manages over 500 000 transactions per hour.

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