Public Sector

Estonian Genome Project Foundation: General Information System

The Core Information System of the Genome Project Foundation has two primary goals: it is responsible for the exchange of sensitive data between the Genome Project and gene data collectors, and secondly, it is responsible for laboratory process management. It consists of an encryption module, communication module, laboratory application server and laboratory user interfaces.

The system is implemented as a three-tier application with a database on an Oracle 9i database server, servlets and enterprise java beans under JBoss 3 and Tomcat 4 application server framework, and Java-based user interfaces. Part of the encryption module is implemented as a Windows DLL and installed in user workstations as an extension to existing applications. The encryption module supports both symmetric password-based encryption and asymmetric smartcard-based (including EstEID) encryption.

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Estonian Certification Centre: Sign electronic documents

The purpose of this project is to simplify communication between the citizens of Estonia and government offices by means of signed electronic documents.

The developed software is made as freeware and can be used by private companies as well as for their internal communication and/or communication with customers.

1) DigiDoc libraries (C, Java) designed for the handling of digital signatures covering all the necessary functions like encryption, creation and verification of digitally signed files. DigiDoc C library produces digitally signed files in “DigiDoc format” (DDOC, BDOC) compliant to XML-DSIG and XadES standards. Used in multiple online-banking and e-commerce solutions.

2) DigiDocService is a SOAP web-service for signing files digitally. We participated in the architecture and implementation phases of the development.

3) DigiDocLibCOM is a Microsoft COM module for signing digitally and encrypting files in the Microsoft Windows environment. Module has a feature to use Mobile phone as an authentication and digital signing tool.

4) GDigiDoc freeware graphical user interface for encrypting, verification and creating digitally signed files in Windows and Linux environments. Source code available:

5) eFormular handles only XML documents, but it is capable of signing, displaying and editing any XML document. If the issuer of the document has created an electronic form description for the document type, then eFormular displays the document not as an XML tree, but as described in the form description. It doesn't work only as an off-line application. If an Internet connection exists then there is a possibility to send XML forms/documents and attachments (Word, Excel, pdf, zip etc.) directly to the required institutions.

6) Mobile-ID is a technology for mobile devices that can be used for electronic identification and creating digitally signed files. According to Estonian Law a digital signature created for example with Mobiil-ID is equal to a handwritten signature!

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Estonian Road Administration – Road Databank

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The National Road Databank collects, processes, maintains and makes available data on all public roads. This data is primarily for the use of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Road Administration and of the local government professionals for resolving issues and making decisions about the national road network.

 At the same time/in addition, the system allows all citizens to use the road information as a public service. It is possible to find information about the road surface, traffic on the roads, bus stops, winter /summer maintenance etc.

Road Databank gives results in the form of tables, graphs and maps. The functionality is open to all (unauthorized) users.

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Statistics Estonia – eSTAT


eSTAT is an electronic system through which you can safely, quickly and conveniently submit paperless statistical data or collect it through official statistical surveys.
eSTAT enables the disposal of paper reports, allows to submit statistical reports and complete personal surveys online, as well as correct errors instantly. It is also possible for a company to see all statistical reporting deadlines and submissions to Statistics Estonia and order preventive reminders of deadlines to an e-mail address.

The core of the eSTAT system is a dynamic reporting definition engine, which is used to describe the reporting structures that companies are going to fill online.

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