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A member of European Parliament, Kristiina Ojuland, took part in BakuTel 2011


On 23rd of November 2011, a member of European Parliament Kristiina Ojuland took part in the largest telecommunication exhibion in the Caucasian region - BakuTel 2011. Solutions provided by Estonian companies were also present; president Alijev was introduced with a newly built EHDIS system and Commercial Register.
Ojuland stated that Azerbaijan is the first country where Estonian companies Best Solutions, Cybernetica and Aktors have in fact built and introduced an e-country solution based on our local experience. According to Ojuland, this experience is a significant step towards exporting Estonian e-solutions. It was also stated that Azerbaijan is one of the most prospective e-countries in the world, since the government’s intention is to prioritize the ICT sector over the energy sector by the year 2025.
In addition, the Centre for Registers and Information Systems of the Ministry of the Justice and company Mindware were participating in the exhibition. Estonian delegation also included the former president Arnold Rüütel.

Read the news from Postimees, 23.11.2011 (in Estonian).

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